Buying & Selling of Tax Credits

We make the buying and selling of tax credits easy and seamless. We facilitate the entire transaction and guarantee the most competitive pricing. We have developed trusted relationships with large corporations and other buyers promoting fair pricing in the marketing place.


GROW NJ Tax Credit Program

The Grow New Jersey Assistance Program (Grow NJ) is the main job creation incentive program in the state. The program which is administered through the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (EDA) provides specific areas in NJ with tax credits that promote job and business growth. This program was designed to help growing companies with: job creation & retention, equipment purchases, relocation expenditures, building purchase & renovations, plus much more. This program stops taking NEW Applications in July 2019.

Federal R & E Tax Credit Program

The Research & Experimentation Tax Credit (R&E Credit) is an incentive available to companies that incur qualified research and development costs in the US. It is a dollar for dollar benefit against taxes owed or paid which can be used in the current year or carried forward. These benefits are NOT just for scientists. In 2015, the benefits were expanded to help more companies.

ERG Program

The Economic Redevelopment and Growth Program (ERG) is the New Jersey’s key developer incentive program. The ERG program is an incentive for real estate development projects that have a financing gap, what the NJ Economic Development Act defines as having insufficient revenues to support the project debt service under a standard financing scenario. The incentive can also apply to projects that have a below-market development margin or rate of return. The ERG involves a “grant” of tax benefits offered on annual incremental state and local taxes for a period of up to twenty years. The grant is in the form of a tax credit and may be up to 75% of the annual incremental state tax and/or local tax revenue or 85% if the company is located in a Garden State Growth Zone. This program will stop taking NEW Applications in July 2018.


Technology Tax Credit

The NJ Technology Tax Certificate was created and targets new or expanding emerging technology and biotechnology companies. The program provides $60 million of tax benefits annually, of which $10 million is allocated exclusively among the eligible companies operating within three innovation zones (sections of Camden, Newark and greater New Brunswick). The business must be a new or expanding technology or biotechnology business with fewer than 225 US employees (including any parent company and all subsidiaries).

Film Tax Credit

Eligible production companies receive a 35% transferable film tax credit for all in-state expenditures. The NJ program is funded at $75 million per year for 5 years. Timing is the key and the application must be done right the first time. If a Production companies can not use the credit against their own NJ state tax liability, we can sell the credit to a company who does have NJ state tax liability.
Production filming in NJ should start accounting NJ expenditures starting 7/1/2018. More details are available upon request.